Intrinsic Training specialise in the delivery of the OAL Level 2 Award in Knife Skills for Food Processing using our experience of having worked in the industry for many years.
The course is for those already working in food processing operations this course is also a  requirement for the butchery apprenticeship Intrinsic Training Solutions deliver. The course will help those needing to learn or refresh the application of knife skills. As we all know safe, professional and competent use of knives is essential for everyone using a knife regularly in their job role.
This practical course will develop, assess knife skills and knife skills knowledge for those using a knife in their job in food processing operations.
The course will develop the skills, the knowledge and the behaviours to be able to sharpen and maintain knives in food processing operations, in accordance with operative limits of authority.
It develops skills and behaviours to carry out sharpening and maintain knives in safe and effective working order in compliance with employer’s procedures. The course will develop an understanding in the use of sharpening equipment, and the importance in maintaining a sharp knife, knife hygiene is also very important to maintain. Also during the training development in the  knowledge of the different parts of a knife and the different grips that will be used and why.
On achievement of the unit: sharpen and maintain knives in food processing operations knife skills and knowledge will have developed which will enable consistent safe use of knives reliably and productively and make a positive contribution to employment.

  • Assessment of skills will involve observation of learners’ knife skills carried out food processing operations.
  • Knowledge testing in the workplace.
  • This qualification is not graded, outcomes are fail or pass only.
  • All assessment is subject to further Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)

This qualification will support progression of learners to:

Sharpen and maintain knives in food processing operations (M/616/8794).

Identify and select the most relevant sharpening tools or equipment for a knife

Sharpen two different types of knives using two different sharpening methods.

1. Behave and perform responsibly to ensure that sharpening operations meet health and safety requirements

2.Behave and perform responsibly to ensure that sharpening operations meet food safety and knife hygiene requirements

3.Clean knives at the end of sharpening operations using the most appropriate method

4.Move and store knives safely in accordance with organisational procedures.

Apply knife skills in food processing operations

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