Attending the Level 3 Effective Auditing and  Inspection will increase knowledge on how to effectively audits/inspections are carried out. The course is aimed at those completing in-house audits however, the course will be of benefit to Quality Assurance staff, Supervisors, Team Leaders etc.

Industries may Include:

  • all sectors of the food industry including manufacturing, catering food service and retail
  • hospitals including the catering and cleaning departments.
  • laboratories.
  • pharmaceuticals.
  • warehousing and storage where traceability of products origin continues to be so important.
  • retail recording and reporting the origin of different products stocked.

Intrinsic Training Deliver:

Intrinsic Training delivers the Level 3 Effective Auditing and  Inspection.  Philip Wadsworth our tutor has years of experience of working in the food industry in different roles including senior roles in quality and technical management. The delivery of the course will be interactive with many activities included.

Level 3 Effective Auditing and  Inspection Course Fee Includes:

  • all course materials.
  • relevant course handbook.
  • the examination fee – Should a resit be required a further fee is payable.
  • certificate for those successful in passing the examination.

When is the Next Level 3 Effective Auditing and  Inspection?

The Level 3 Effective Auditing and  Inspection courses are regularly scheduled as ‘open’ to everyone’.  Refer to our locations page this will inform you of the next scheduled course and the location. The idea is that several employers become aware of the course and allow one or two employees to attend.
Each course must have a minimum number of people attending for the course to go ahead.

The Food Sector in Production, Retail Catering Food Service and Many Further Sectors:

The Level 3 in Auditing and  Inspection will increase the knowledge and awareness of the requirements in completing internal audits, facilitating inspections and planning these activities. As a result of the increasing demand to train in-house QA officers as auditors increasing knowledge, skills and awareness of what is required in planning audits and inspections requirements. Most importantly especially in the field of food production and food safety.

Meeting the Demands for Robust Due Diligence and Traceability:

As a result of the increase in unannounced audits and inspections and the requirement to prove robust ‘due diligence’  and robust product traceability of products through the food supply chain. As audits and inspection regimes are evolving with the increased demand to be constantly ‘audit ready’ as unannounced audits and inspections become more common making this course  more relevant and important to meet current industry requirements and demands.

Course Duration:

The course is delivered over 1 day.

The Level 3 in Auditing and  Inspection Topics Include:       

Level 3 Award in Effective Auditing and  Inspection

Improve your level of relevant knowledge and skills in Auditing and Inspection.

  • Prerequisites of audits and inspections.
  • Purpose of audits and inspections.
  • Benefits of audits and inspections.
  • Limitations of inspections/audits.
  • Types of audit/inspection.
  • Constructing a model against which to inspect.
  • Inspection cycle.
  • Planning of audits and inspections.
  • Methodically preparing for any audit or inspection.
  • Collection of data.
  • Collection of information.
  • Analysis of data and information
  • Opening and closing meetings.
  • Auditors’ competencies.
  • Frequency/timing/duration of inspections.
  • On-site inspection/audit.
  • Questioning techniques (data gathering).
  • Checklists/inspection forms.
  • Analysis and interpretation.
  • Report writing.
  • Desktop inspection

The Level 3 Effective Auditing and  Inspection Assessment:

A 30-question multiple-choice question examination. The duration of the examination is 1 hour.
To achieve a pass, 18 out of 30 must be achieved whilst 24 out of 30 must be correctly answered to achieve a distinction.

ID Required:

As with all our courses photo ID is required to be shown at the start of the course during enrolment and registration. We are then required to record the ID before the start of the exam assessment.


On successful completion of this qualification,  continued development is available by attending further Intrinsic Training courses for the following qualifications:

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