Intrinsic Training Solutions deliver the Highfield Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling either directly to employers at their own site. Also as a stand alone ‘open’ course for the public to attend when smaller numbers of employees can attend.
Manual handling injuries are the main cause of lost working days. The injuries occur due to sprains and strains resulting from the incorrect lifting and movement of objects.

Introducing learners to moving and handling activities required in the workplace or who need specific training in manual handling, as well as being a suitable qualification for refresher training. The objective of the qualification is to prepare learners for employment or to support a role in the workplace.
Learners gaining this qualification will understand that moving and handling must be carried out correctly and will recognise its importance in ensuring a safer working environment.

  • The reasons for safe manual handling.
  • The potential injuries and ill health associated with incorrect manual handing.
  • The employers and employees duties relating to manual handling at work.
  • The consequences for non-compliance with health and safety requirements at work.
  • How manual handling risk assessments contribute to improving health and safety.
  • The terms ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ in the context of manual handling work.
  • The process for carrying out a manual handling risk assessment.
  • The principle of the risk control hierarchy when applied to manual handling
  • The principles, types of equipment and testing requirements associated with manual handling safety.
  • The  safe movement principles associated with manual handling.
  • The types of equipment designed to be used for manual handling tasks.
  • The requirements for the testing, servicing and examination of manual handling and lifting equipment.

Guidance on assessment
The Highfield Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling is assessed by 2 different assessments for

Part 1: Multiple-choice question (MCQ) examination a 15-question multiple-choice examination to be completed within 30 minutes.
To successfully pass this first part at least 9 out of 15 questions or more to achieve a pass.

Part 2: Practical Assessment

Assessed by a competency-based practical assessment assessed by Intrinsic Training Solutions.
To successfully pass part 2 a pass in each element of the practical assessment is required.

Practical Assessment

Use of equipment and props for the assessment activities will be relevant to the workplace. The assessment is about carrying out safe moving and handling, not a strength test. To avoid and reduce possible injuries each person will be required to declare they have no current injuries and are happy to complete this part of the assessment.

Practical Assessment – The application of safe manual handling principles. Demonstrate efficient and safe manual handling principles when:
a) Applying effort to, or moving a load or object manually on their own
b) Using manual handling aids and equipment;
c) Undertaking a manual handling task as part of a team.

Progression opportunities
Upon successful completion of Highfield Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling, For those wanting to progress their with their development can complete one of the following qualifications:

Highfield Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the workplace

Highfield Level 3 Award in Supervising Health and Safety in the Workplace

Highfield Level 2 Award in Moving and Handling 

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Further details of course scheduling can be obtained from Intrinsic Training by telephone: 01482845358. Alternatively complete the contact form leaving your specific details of your enquiry. Philip Wadsworth will reply to your enquiry within 2 working days.