Specific for Your Organisation:

Bespoke or Accredited Training – Specific for Your Organisation written by Intrinsic Training  and/ your company will identify specific training requirements. The training is customised to your company employees even changed for different areas or departments of your business. This is to meet individual specific training requirements. Because of this, these type of courses are more commonly developed, delivered and called in-house training for employers.
One of the biggest benefits, of a bespoke course is its specific relevance for your company. With the ability to tailor every aspect of the training course, from the specific relevance and focused content through to the choice of vocabulary.  Your company will their own bespoke training course.
This is incredibly useful in the future when it comes to making changes, updates and revisions.

What’s more, you can also have your bespoke training courses delivered at any time to any number of employees without having to pay for examination fees. However, bespoke training courses are not nationally recognised qualifications, unlike Accredited courses. So, it’s extremely unlikely that the learners who complete your bespoke course will able to use their certificate with other employers.

The Bespoke Training – Specific for Your Organisation solutions are tailor-made for your company.

Intrinsic Training work with you no assumptions are made. Working this way ensures that your full training requirements are met to develop your chosen team. Most importantly the required outcomes are met which to raise your standards higher.

Bespoke Training – Specifically Tailored for Your Organisation:

Intrinsic Training develop the required training around your business systems.  Therefore we use your HACCP Plans e.g. flow diagrams, your CCPs, your – Allergen Controls Your  GMPs during our courses. Therefore, the important parts of the syllabus are emphasised.

We use your process and your good manufacturing procedures (GMP) or your Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)  during the training, the break-out sessions and the planned activities.

We do this as part of the your bespoke training .  This is always  discussed  and planned with you so, you can follow this up back at work and apply and discuss the training i n the practical environment.

Food Safety Training:

Food safety is a challenging topic. A generic Level 3 Supervising in Food Safety for course may get the key points about general food safety across, however, it does not always relate back to everyone’s job. Every factory – kitchen is different.
A bespoke course improves the outcomes of the training competency, by focusing on the specific food safety controls within that business. Therefore ensuring employees have a very clear understanding of how to manage and improve food safety when they get back to their kitchen.

Intrinsic Training design bespoke courses  with employers for their own staff.

If this is the route you want to go down please contact Intrinsic Training by telephone: 01482 845358 or email: enquiries@intrinsictraining.com.

So, the meaning the content may not necessarily meet your training goals as precisely as a Bespoke course. If your requirements are too specific for an Accredited course, then Bespoke may be better for your Training Provider.

Accredited Courses:

So, the main difference between Bespoke Training – Specific for Your Organisation and Accredited courses is that Accredited courses have a written examination and the results are moderated by Awarding Bodies, such as City and Guilds, Highfield Qualifications or IOSH. The Awarding Organisations register the qualifications  with a regulator e.g. Ofqual the qualifications  then sit on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RFQ) .

The qualification/course can be then be delivered by Intrinsic Training.  We are approval as a centre for Highfield Qualifications  courses/qualifications
Highfield qualifications are nationally recognised by inspection and auditing authorities vital for the integrity not only for the qualifications/courses but also Intrinsic Training as well.

This is ideal as the courses are aligned with Food Industry best practice and meet the required compliance standards.

These courses can be tailored by adding to the syllabus specific training activities adapting to meet specific requirements.

The Outcome From the Accredited Qualifications are:

  1. Nationally recognised against the bench marked Level 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  2. Certificated are always issued and the recipient is named.
  3. The certificate is valid for three years or above.