Food Safety Level 1


Learner details

What is the course about?

Food safety is a constant concern for the public. It’s important your employees understand their roles and responsibilities, which is what this course will ensure.

Who is it for?

If you work in a low-risk catering environment or are simply looking to expand your knowledge, this course is ideal for you.


The course will typically take 2 to 3 hours to complete


Learn at your own pace anytime using online learning from Intrinsic Training.

What will I study?

  • Introduction to food safety
  • Microbiological hazards
  • Food poisoning and its control
  • Contamination hazards and controls
  • Safe handling of food
  • Storage of food
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food pests and pest control
  • Disinfection and cleaning

How will the course be delivered?

Our courses present the course content in ways that are simple and easy to understand, using media and content-rich exercises that are engaging for learners. Our Food Safety Level 1 course is packed with:

  • Interactive exercises/gaming
  • Media-rich content
  • Interactive 3D scenarios
  • Content provided by market leading experts
  • Relevant photography and illustrations
  • Multi-generational content and style

How will I be assessed?

Our remote invigilation enables learners to sit exams from the comfort of their own home or isolated workspace.

Entry requirements

There are no prerequisites to study this course, though a basic understanding of principles of food safety will be beneficial.

What can I do next?

Learners can progress to Food Safety Level 2 and then to Food Safey Level 3.


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