COVID-19 Training Course Controls & Supplied Course Materials


To highlight the COVID -19 controls ITS will use to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to both your employees and our tutors.

Prior to the Course:

To implement our COVID-19 training course controls we will request a copy of your COVID-19 training or meeting room controls set to enable our tutor will be prepared and protected.

Supplied Course Materials:

  • Course materials will be prepared in advance prior to the course date
  • The course materials office area is regularly cleaned and sanitised, with regular
    hand washing whilst preparing the course materials.
  • Course materials will be supplied in individual polythene holders for each person.
  • Pens will be sanitised with an anti-viral wipe before being issued.
  • Once the course materials have been prepared, they will be kept in an appropriate
    container for easy and secure transporting.

On Arrival at The Venue, Our Tutor Will:

  • Arrive no later than 30 mins before the start of the course to use our COVID-19 Training Course Controls – additional time may be required depending on the COVID-19 controls in place.
  • Follow the instructions of their host and the sites COVID-19 training course controls.

Before the Start of the Session, Our Trainer Will:

  • Ask everyone to sign the register, using their own pen, and leave the register in one place to avoid passing it round.
  • Wash/sanitise their hands before handling the training materials
  • Place delegate packs on the desks before anyone enter the room
  • Limit the number of case studies passed around the room.
  • Limit the need to approach people within 2 metres during the session, if this is unavoidable then the trainer will wear a face mask/shield.

During the Session, Our Tutor Will:

  • Maintain 2 metres distance as much as possible.
  • Remind and encourage everyone to follow the COVID-19 controls on site.
  • At breaktimes, using toilets and using catering facilities follow the site rules.

At the end of the Course, Our Tutor Will:

  • Leave any documents (excluding exam material) that have been handled by delegates in the room for disposal on site.