Intrinsic Training Solutions delivers Highfield Level 3 Award in Delivering Training either directly to an employer on their own site for their employees.Alternatively we schedule the course regularly a public open course allowing anyone to attend. The course provides a good basis to help learners get a ‘foot first’ into training. It is mainly aimed at those who will use pre-prepared training materials to effectively deliver training within the workplace, as opposed to a professional training qualification (such as education and training), which is more focused on procedures, protocol and regulatory requirements.

It is a practical qualification suitable for new and experienced trainers (external and internal) who wish to improve their classroom skills and obtain a training qualification that will also enable them to deliver regulated qualifications.

How long will it take?

The course is delivered over two days.

Topics covered

The focus of this qualification is on the effective delivery of training, allowing learners to develop planning, preparation and delivery skills, including delivery methods, questioning techniques and time management.

Assessment method

This qualification is assessed by a practical assessment and a self-evaluation report. Learners will need to practically demonstrate the delivery of either 1 or 2 micro-teaching sessions totalling 20 to 30 minutes.
Learners must practically demonstrate the delivery of either 1 or 2 micro – teaching session(s) totalling 20 to 30 minutes, which demonstrates suitable level of achievement against each assessment
criteria. Learners must also produce a simple timed plan which should be submitted with the assessment pack.
The self-evaluation report will need to be completed in a written format and accompany the assessment pack

  • Be able to plan and prepare a training session Identify learner group • Consider health and safety considerations and ground rules • Practicalities and resources (venue, equipment etc.)
  • Prepare for training delivery
  • Select delivery methods and resources to meet the needs of the subject and of the learners
  • Use a course specification, identify key content in a training programme • Know how to use training materials and resources to plan for training delivery
  • Prepare a simple timed plan, adapt pre-prepared course materials and delivery methods
  • Be able to deliver a training session 2.1 Select and demonstrate delivery strategies
  • Use training materials and resources
  • Demonstrate the use of assessment strategies during delivery, use communication to build a rapport with learners
  • Be able to evaluate a training session 3.1 Evaluate training delivery
  • Identify areas for future development

Assessment Guidance
To meet assessment criteria 1.3, learners will need to prepare a simple timed plan prior to undertaking the micro – teaching session. This timed plan should be retained within the assessment pack for quality assurance purposes.
This unit includes a micro – teaching requirement. To meet assessment criteria 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, learners must complete a 20-30 minute micro – teaching session that is observed and assessed by the centre. Training materials or resources used by the learner during the micro-teach, such as presentation slides or handouts, should be retained within the assessment pack for quality assurance purposes. Electronic evidence (e.g. photographs of the resources used) is acceptable. If Highfield resources have been used. It is acceptable for these to just be referenced within the assessment pack.
To meet assessment criteria 3.1 and 3.2, learners will have to complete a written self-evaluation report.

Progression opportunities
On successful completion of this qualification, to continue  development by undertaking one of the following qualifications:
• Highfield Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF)
• Highfield Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (RQF)
• Highfield Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment (RQF)

To discuss this course in further detail please contact Philip Wadsworth at Intrinsic Training Solutions by telephoning: 01482845358 or by emailing: Alternatively complete our contact form and leave specific details of your enquiry. Philip Wadsworth will contact you within two working days of receiving your enquiry.