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Intrinsic Training deliver the Food Manufacturing Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship for Food Process Worker). Apprentices will be employed in a company that specialises one type of product, e.g. ready meals, soft drinks or confectionery, or in a company that makes a wide range of different products. Therefore, typically working on production lines within food manufacturing plants. 

The Food and Drink Manufacturing Sector:

Food Manufacturing Apprentices work in one of the largest, most dynamic and fastest growing sectors of industry. The industry uses excellent manufacturing processes and highly automated equipment and technology to ensure it remains competitive and produces food and drink products to strict food safety and quality standards. Therefore, producers, manufacturers and retailers make and sell millions of innovative food products to consumers in the UK and around the world.
This includes drinks, cakes, biscuits, ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food, sandwiches, wraps, fresh fruit and salads. It is imperative that Process Operators in the industry have the skills and knowledge to ensure our food products, which millions of people consume every day, are safe.

Requirements of the Food Manufacturing Apprenticeship:

As part of this Food Manufacturing Apprenticeship every apprentice is required to complete the Level 2 Diploma in Food and Drink Operations this will help to meet the required apprenticeship standard requirements. Additionally there is a requirement to complete functional skills qualifications in English and Maths.

Intrinsic Training are able to deliver complete apprenticeship.

This apprenticeship is the intermediate level for operatives.

Progression available is the Advanced Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Process Operator.


This Food Manufacturing Apprenticeship typically lasts for 18-24 months for people new to the industry. 

Topics Covered During the Apprenticeship Include:

  • Carry out production operations using a range of equipment 
  • Carry out basic fault finding on the equipment they work with. 
  • Handle food products safely and hygienically. 
  • Follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)  
  • Maintain quality 
  • Products meet customer specifications.
  • Developed an understanding of continuous improvement processes used in the industry 
  • Escalate technical issues to a specialist or more senior member of staff
  • Understand food safety and its importance to the industry
  • Effective communicators 
  • Work well with others
  • Solid grounding in most aspects of food production and manufacturing and have a 
  • Good level of product knowledge.

End Point Assessment:

To complete the apprenticeship every apprentice must complete the End Point Assessment.

To complete this different assessments are completed to ensure the apprentice has acquired the knowledge, skills and behaviours during the completion of the apprenticeship.

Throughout the apprenticeship practice tests are completed to ensure the techniques and awareness of the process is built to ensure the apprentice is fully aware and confidence is built in being able to complete the EPA successfully.

Further details and information can be obtained by contacting Philip Wadsworth telephoning: 01482 845358 or complete the easy contact form

Possible Progression:

Intrinsic Training Solutions deliver the Advanced Apprenticeship for Food and Drink Process Operators.  Also consider the Leadership and Management or  Continuous Improvement or the food technologist Apprenticeships. Intrinsic Training Solutions deliver all  the apprenticeships suggested for progression.

Further detailed information please contact Philip Wadsworth by telephone 01482 845358 or complete our contact form

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