An Apprenticeship in Butchery is a professional butchery course for those learning or wanting to become a butcher. The butchery apprenticeship is only one of many apprenticeships available in the meat industry apprenticeships scheme.
Butchers work in the meat and poultry industry, which is worth several billion pounds in the UK and employs thousands of workers in the farm to fork supply chain. Qualified butchers can look forward to rewarding careers in a range of environments with different types of employers.

Meat Industry Butchery Apprenticeships by Intrinsic Training

Meat Industry Butchery Apprenticeships by Intrinsic Training

To start this apprenticeship the apprentice must be employed and can

often find jobs searching butchery jobs near me or approaching
local businesses including Morrisons who have a Morrisons
butchery apprenticeships.

This apprenticeship (level 2) training course is made up of
different qualifications all of which must be fully completed
successfully to achieve the apprenticeship in butchery.
The full butchery apprenticeship training delivered by Intrinsic Training this includes all the different qualifications.The trainee butcher will acquire knife and boning out skills, machine operation ability, food hygiene and health & safety duties.

Butchers Work in Different Environments: 
Production Processors range from multi-national processing businesses supplying meat or meat products. These include: large food outlets, supermarkets and hotel chains; to smaller processors supplying for example, independent/local food businesses.

Retailers could include supermarkets, independent retailers and farm shops.
In addition butchery as a sector relies on a high proportion of small businesses. Butchery Apprenticeships require the apprentice to be working in retail environment being able to cut, prepare, package and present meat and meat products to the standards required of the business and specialist needs of commercial and/or consumers. Then offering the potential when experienced for butchers to set up on their own business.

On completion:
On completion of the apprenticeship in butchery apprentices will have gained a range of skills, knowledge and behaviours that can lead to rewarding careers in the meat and food industry, not only in the UK but across the world. Butchers who complete the standard apprenticeship will be automatically eligible for professional registration with the Institute of Meat (IoM).

The apprenticeship in butchery standard is demanding in covering many parts of the industry giving the apprentice the knowledge and skills for their career aspirations. The standard is usually worked towards over a period of 12 to 18 months with 12 months being the minimum.

To complete the work required a portfolio is recommended and the Level 2 Diploma in Butchery skills will help meet the apprenticeship standard.[

Mandatory Qualifications:
Apprentices must complete the following mandatory qualifications as part of the standard.

Level 2 Award in Food Safety,

Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Food Supply Chain Business

Level 2 Award in Knife Skills for Food Processing

Apprentices must also work towards and successfully complete Functional Skills in English and Maths  at least Level 1 and then work towards level 2 and take the examination although exemptions can be achieved through presenting certificates previously attained. These prior qualifications are subject to agreement with the End Point Assessment Organisation.

The full apprenticeship in Butchery standard and full assessment plan can be downloaded here after completing your details.

On completion of the portfolio and the mandatory qualifications all apprentices then need to go through the gateway and prepare for the End Point Assessment – refer to the assessment plan document. This is the final part of the apprenticeship completed by a three part assessment an Exam, an observation and an interview.

Butchers may Progress:
Once this apprenticeship in Butchery is completed Butchers may progress to the Advanced Apprenticeship in Butchery. Intrinsic Training deliver this apprenticeship.

Please refer to the Apprenticeship in Advanced Butchery page where full details are given. Alternatively Contact Philip Wadsworth to have a discussion.