Intrinsic Training specialise in the delivery of all aspects of the Apprenticeship in Advanced Butchery . Intrinsic Training  deliver the full requirements of this apprenticeship, the knowledge, assessment of skills, the mandated qualification (food safety, health and safety and HACCP and also the functional skills requirements). We also complete the preparation for the end point assessment.

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Level & Duration:

This Apprenticeship Standard is set at Level 3 the typical duration is 18 to 24 months

Apprentices must achieve these qualifications during their Advanced Butchery Apprenticeship
A, Level 3 in Food Safety Supervision
B. Level 3 in HACCP for Food Manufacturing
C. Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Food Supply Chain Business
D. Level 2 English and Maths Functional Skills 

All these qualifications must be achieved before taking the End Point Assessment. 

Advanced Butcher Apprenticeship:

An Advanced Butcher will often take responsibility for a shop or function in a meat business and will have flexible knife skills with all round knowledge of the craft/processing environment. Butchers progressing to advanced roles in manufacturing companies will often progress into production Team Leading or First Line management including roles with responsibility for people and/or functions such as sales, quality control or training others.

Equally, butchers advancing their careers in a large supermarketindependent retail or farm shop will be excellent communicators and possess a technical knowledge of meat products that are often supplemented with more generic skills in merchandising, sales, quality and people supervision.
Advanced Apprenticeship Butchers will have a comprehensive understanding of health and safety practice that is matched with knowledge of food safety and hygiene systems at management level. This should include Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). They will also possess a technical understanding about a range of meat species, provenance supply chains and techniques (automated & craft) needed to process and/or produce products in a lean manufacturing or retail environment. They will ensure precision in the cutting and presentation of meat products as required by commercial and/or domestic consumers. Butchers especially those in independent retail environments will have good knowledge of artisan butchery practices and the preparation of wet/dry meats in to a variety of culinary uses including sausages, pie making, curing and smoking. In addition, they will be actively contributing towards the profitability of their business/function and maximising safety, productivity, efficiency and customer care.

Advanced Butchers are a valuable asset to any meat and poultry business in the UK and across the world and will spend rewarding careers in an industry that offers progression in to a number of sub occupations such as sales, training, production quality assurance and retail management. Advanced Butchery Apprentices will need to demonstrate their core knowledge, skills and behaviours detailed below, plus the specific knowledge and skills for their specialist environment that will be traditionally set in a retail shop, processing plant or ‘in store’ butchery department in a supermarket.

Following the completion of the Advanced Butchery Apprenticeship all apprentices must complete the End Point Assessment (EPA).
This requires the completion of:
Knowledge Test covering all aspects of the apprenticeship standard . The exam will be 30 question MCQ and 5 additional short answer questions.
An observation in the workplace in their usual workplace by an independent assessor from OAL using equipment that they are familiar with.
To enable effective use of the resources required the independent assessor may observe up to 3 apprentices at any one time. The observation must last 4 hours.

Full details and advise and guidance in preparing for the End Point Assessment is available from Intrinsic Training Solutions.

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