Advanced Apprenticeship in Food Manufacturing – (Food and Drink Process Operator)

Those working towards the Advanced Apprenticeship in Food Manufacturing (or to give it the correct name – Food and Drink Process Operator) will typically work on a production line in manufacturing plants but will spend some time offline whilst working on activities such as leading a team on a production line or perhaps new product development. During the Advanced Apprenticeship in Food Manufacturing

will develop, learn and become able to complete preventative maintenance activities and Continuous Improvement (CI) techniques, which are essential to maintain and improve productivity in food and drink manufacturing.

Apprenticeship Mandatory Qualification

As part of this Advanced Apprenticeship in Food Manufacturing every apprentice is required to complete several certificated qualifications as part of the apprenticeship. For example the

Level 3 Diploma in Food and Drink Operations:

This will meet the required apprenticeship standard requirements in a structured logical and systematic way helping the apprentice to develop and learn as the Level 3 Diploma in Food and Drink Operations is completed. On completion the portfolio is graded and the qualification is certificated. The certificate is then required to be presented when the whole apprenticeship is completed.

Subjects Include:

Whichever part of the industry apprentices choose to work in, on completion of this Advanced Apprenticeship for Food and Drink Process Operator, the individual will be able to

  • Evaluate and make improvements to safety.
  • Monitor and evaluate quality 
  • Evaluate performance in a food and drink manufacturing environment. 
  • In-depth knowledge of food and drink products, 
  • Health and safety systems, 
  • Quality systems and 
  • Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). 
  • Interrogate and interpret data 
  • Identify trends 
  • Carry out basic fault finding. 
  • Avoid future faults 
  • Improve quality 
  • Improve productivity 
  • Lead others; develop skills in leadership and management.

English and Maths Functional Skills:

Intrinsic Training deliver the English and Maths functional skills requirement applying the learning to the manufacturing environment. English and Maths Level 2 Functional skills must be achieved by the end of the apprenticeship.

Food Safety, Health & Safety and HACCP:

In addition Level 3 Food Safety, Level 3 Health and Safety and Level 3 HACCP certificates are also demanded as part of the apprenticeship programme.
Most importantly Intrinsic Training deliver all components of this apprenticeship 100% in the workplace. The whole apprenticeship can be delivered by one organisation by Intrinsic Training we tailor the apprenticeship to include the processes, procedures and techniques to those of the employer. These mandated qualifications are all individually certificated by nationally recognised awarding bodies and so will also meet due diligence requirements.

Regular Knowledge Workshops:

The appointed Apprenticeship coach will work with the apprentice regularly through the delivery of knowledge workshops. Each workshop will work holistically across the apprenticeship standard ensuring a fulfilling and comprehensive increase of knowledge to not meet the apprenticeship standards but to be able to apply the knowledge in the practices of the food manufacturing sector. Intrinsic Training will deliver all the required components of the apprenticeship making the delivery a smooth process for the employer.
The delivery of the apprenticeship will always be a partnership with the employer as the requirement to not only complete and record the on-the-job training requirement but to do this in a planned efficient way to complement the knowledge workshops.

On Completion:

On completion of this programme, every apprentice is required to complete their End Point Assessment. Apprentices cannot successfully complete their apprenticeship unless they pass their End Point Assessment.

The End Point Assessment:

This is the formal assessment that the apprentice must pass to successfully complete their assessment. This is a series of different tests that could include a knowledge test, an observation and a professional discussion.

Preparation is the key to ensure the apprentice passes their EPA and achieves the Advanced Apprenticeship for Food and Drink Process Operator as they will only get one retake of each component. Should an apprentice fail a component a second time they will fail their apprenticeship.


Individuals may progress to the Advanced Apprenticeship in Leadership or Management or perhaps an Apprenticeship in Continuous Improvement.
This apprenticeship typically lasts for 24 months for people new to the industry.
Further detailed information please contact Philip Wadsworth at Intrinsic Training by telephone:01482 845358 or complete the contact form

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