About Us:

Introducing Intrinsic Training Solutions.  We are a leading training provider specialising in delivering apprenticeships across the different sectors of the food industry. This includes the meat industry (apprenticeships for butchers and the advanced butchery apprenticeship) and food industry (both retail and manufacturing). Standards for these apprenticeship programmes are available from the Institute of Apprenticeships. In addition, to compliment the apprenticeships we also deliver Highfield training courses including food safety and HACCP training courses. Intrinsic Training deliver directly in house for  larger employers – and scheduled ‘open courses’ for smaller employers to allow one of two people to attend.

Intrinsic Training Managing Director:

Philip Wadsworth Director Intrinsic Training.

Philip Wadsworth Director Intrinsic Training.

When the company was originally formed back in 2001 Philip Wadsworth was one of the two business partners. Becoming the overall owner of the business in 2006. Now works in partnership with his wife Patricia. Philip, has the overall responsibility for the direction of Intrinsic Training.
Responsible for meeting the requirements of the Awarding Organisations (AOs) Intrinsic Training has approval with including City and Guilds, Highfield Qualifications and IOSH.
Vast experience of the food industry having held management positions in different sectors across the industry. Developed many training programmes for individual organisations with great success. Building relationships with the organisations and expanding the training programmes from the original site to further sites in the organisation.

Delivering training programmes:

Since becoming established in 2001 we have delivered training programmes for many organisations including: Warburtons, Owen Taylor, Winterwood Farm, Bakkavor – Holbeach, Jacobs Bakery, Hovis Foods, Solway foods, Newly Wed Foods, Saxon Valley Foods, Adele Foods, A.G. Barr, Hilton Meats, Lantmännen Unibake, Aryzta bakery, Signature Flatbreads and York House Meat Products. To name only a limited few.

“Although, my quality standards are high, the success of the business has depended on building excellent communication with employers, gaining confidence of the employees. Very importantly having high calibre delivery staff to make the training programme a success”. I was very insistent in the beginning we developed and nurtured our own delivery staff”.

Leading the delivery of our training i.e. apprenticeships and training courses across all the different sectors of the meat and food industry. High-quality training and development services are delivered across Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire and nationwide (Derby, Alfreton and Bakewell).

Meeting the Needs of Employers

Having partnered with many different employers Intrinsic Training have developed our range of  relevant apprenticeship programmes  (standards are the official name).

Intrinsic Training is acknowledged through our commitment by the organisations we work with as specialists in developing and delivering apprenticeships introducing innovative provision to meet their many different requirements.

The aim of Intrinsic Training in delivering apprenticeships is to provide the best working and learning experience through our flexible, interactive teaching and learning delivery.

Apprenticeship Programmes:

Delivering the production based apprenticeship programmes. In addition we deliver the apprenticeship programmes for further key job roles including Warehousing , Supply Chain Practitioner (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) previously (Operations Manager), Food Technologist, Lean Manufacturing Operative,  Health, Safety and Environment Technician, Assessor Coach, apprenticeship for team leading and supervisionLeadership and Management, and Retailer. apprenticeship page.

The production apprenticeship programmes include: Butchery, Advanced Butchery Apprenticeship  (both retail and production) Food Manufacturing and Advanced Food and Drink Process Operative Apprenticeship.

Support and delivery of Functional Skills in the workplace by Intrinsic Training enables apprentices to progress their maths and English. Attaining the Functional Skills required where needed by the each apprenticeship standard.

Our blend of  training courses for the food industry provides employers with access not only to apprenticeships at Level 2 and Level 3 (Advanced apprenticeships) but as a ‘one-stop shop’ through where they know Intrinsic Training can meet the skills development needs of their employees.

Work With Us:

Having worked with employers in the food industry for many years to develop training and educational provision to meet their needs. Apprenticeships are our specialism and now is the time for employers to take advantage of the many apprenticeship programmes using the apprenticeship levy attracting new and developing the very best talent, enabling them to nurture their talent within business at every level.

Whether you want to help your employees get a foot on their career development ladder or you are aiming to fill a high level skills gap by attracting high-calibre recruits or train your existing employees, Intrinsic Training can help. Our extensive experience of working with employers to deliver apprenticeship programmes, Intrinsic Training will advise employers on each of the apprenticeship standards and the mandatory qualifications required to complete the apprenticeships. Intrinsic Training will assist in matching the apprenticeship standards to the many job roles and plan the apprenticeships programmes.

As part of our delivery Intrinsic Training complete the apprenticeship programme 100% in the workplace using on site facilities to the needs of food industry apprentices.

Trusted Partner:

Intrinsic Training is a trusted partner of many UK food businesses. Since 2001 we have been meeting the skills development needs of their employees. Delivering apprenticeships in partnership with many leading food businesses including.

Our partners include Bakkavor, Greencore Group, Warburtons, Owen Taylor, Winterwood Farm, Bakkavor – Holbeach, Jacobs Bakery, Hovis Foods, Solway foods, Newly Wed Foods, Saxon Valley Foods, Adele Foods, A.G. Barr, Hilton Meats, Lantmännen Unibake, Aryzta bakery, Signature Flatbreads and York House Meat Products. 

Supporting Apprenticeship Recruitment:

Intrinsic Training offer advice and support to successfully recruit for apprenticeship vacancies. When looking for an apprentice, get in touch with details of your vacancy requirements.  We will post your vacancy on the relevant websites.

Intrinsic Training will promote your vacancy to young people on different social media platforms routinely engaging to raise awareness of career opportunities in the Food Industry. We are also happy to share some of the administrative burden. We can help with shortlisting possible apprentices, preparing and administering the relevant paperwork, and supporting your interview and selection process.

Once you have recruited apprentices successfully, we are happy to help employers identify the right apprenticeship programme, training and develop the apprenticeship programmes to suit each employer  and apprentice , make induction arrangements with all parties to ensure the apprenticeship gets off to a positive start for all involved.

Who Are These Apprenticeships Aimed At?

The food industry is so fast-moving there are many opportunities for career progression.  At the same time there is also a real need for employees to be qualified in key food and drink specialisms. Apprenticeships are structured, quality-assured education.  Delivered alongside practical on-the-job learning that benefits both the employer and the employee. Some apprentices are specially recruited some apprentices are already employed working in entry level roles within a business with or without formal qualifications. More experienced staff who are looking to progress their careers.

Level 2 (Intermediate) Apprenticeships and Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships:

Our Level 2 Apprenticeships and Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships give individuals the chance to gain accredited industry relevant qualifications. This gives the opportunity to enhance career prospects within the food and drink industry. Our apprenticeship programmes are carefully developed with employers to identify the required core skills, knowledge, and behaviors linked to a range of job roles in the food industry.

On completion apprentices will be able to progress. A further apprenticeship, perhaps to the next level of with higher-level job opportunities available for a variety of roles including roles such as Technical Management, Quality Management, Process Development or New Product Development, Production Management, Supply Chain Management and many more.

Training Courses:

To complement the apprenticeships we deliver Highfield training courses. As an approved centre we are able to deliver a wide range of compliance training courses to meet regulatory requirements.
We also deliver the mandatory qualifications required as part of some apprenticeship standards e.g. knife skills required for the butchery apprenticeship. In addition Level 1 and Level 2 Functional skills in English and Maths is also required for all apprenticeships. Intrinsic Training are also able to offer to deliver this requirement of the apprenticeships. This makes the delivery of the apprenticeship much smoother not having to source delivery of the mandatory qualifications.

The training courses we deliver include Food Safety from Level 2 to Level 4 food safety all certificated by Highfield Qualifications and nationally recognisable by the inspection authorities and auditing bodies. In addition the suite of HACCP courses include Level 2 Principles of HACCP for Catering and Manufacturing. We also deliver HACCP Level 3 for catering Level 3 HACCP for manufacturing. In addition Level 4 HACCP.

In addition we deliver Level 2 Health and Safety in the workplace, Level 2 Risk Assessment. Supervising Health and Safety at Level 3.

As well as Highfield we are approved to deliver IOSH working safely and IOSH managing safely.

All our training courses are delivered directly to employers in-house. For those employers who cannot spare employees in a larger group we arrange open public courses regularly at various venues across the country.

Please contact Philip Wadsworth at Intrinsic Training Solutions by Telephoning: 01482845358 by emailing: enquiries@intrinsictraining.com. Alternatively you can complete our contact form leaving specific details of your enquiry. Philip Wadsworth will contact you within 2 working days of your enquiry.

Healthcare and Infection Prevention and Control Advice Consultancy:

• Wet hands before applying the soap.
• Apply a measured dose of soap (1 pump) to wet hands, ensuring that it comes into contact with all surfaces of the hand and up to the wrists.
• Use the six steps of hand hygiene for a minimum of 15 seconds.
• Rinse hands. then dry thoroughly.

Pat Wadsworth our healthcare consultant is an expert in Infection prevention and control. Having worked in the NHS and Private healthcare environment for many years. We deliver the Highfield Infection Control course to help meet the specific training requirements to meet legal requirements not just to ticking the box but making the information memorable, effective and practical to apply in the workplace. To complement this training we offer a further range of healthcare training courses.
Please contact Pat Wadsworth at Intrinsic Training Solutions by Telephoning: 01482845358 by emailing: enquiries@intrinsictraining.com. Alternatively you can complete our contact form leaving specific details of your enquiry. Philip Wadsworth will contact you within 2 working days of your enquiry.


Owen Taylor author of testimonial.Comments received from Owen Taylor and Sons Ltd:

I was introduced to Philip Wadsworth of Intrinsic Training Solutions in 2013 by Learn Direct. Since then Philip has become our default training provider for the majority of our external training requirements. He has delivered and completed a number of Level 2 and level 3 NVQ and apprenticeship programmes in Meat and Poultry, Butchery, Food and drink Process Operator and Advanced Management. Also Food Safety at Level 2 and 3 Health and Safety at Level 2 and 3 as well as HACCP.
I have found Philip’s delivery professional and flexible around our production needs. With each cohort Philip has kept me informed of progress and when individual performance has required help we have worked together to find a solution to enable the individual to complete the qualification.
I intend to work with Philip and Intrinsic Training long into the future and happily recommend his services to other companies.

Comments received from Owen Taylor & Sons Ltd, Leabrooks, Alfreton.

The very successful Apprenticeship programme delivered by Intrinsic Training.

“On behalf of  Warburtons, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a great learning and development partner. We look forward to further developing our working relationship through the years as we spread the good word
of the Development Programme on many levels, across functions, sites and regions.
( I think they call that world domination!).

Head of HR Warburtons, Enfield.

“I felt the presentation was excellent.  It was delivered professionally and with passion and it was obvious
that a lot of work, time and thought had gone into the whole programme.
Your commitment and enthusiasm really stood out.  I did say after you left, that having this type of involvement and passion from a partner and senior staff  is what will make the programme successful and differentiate it from the usual approaches.
If we had people managers like yourself championing these type of programmes across the business then I would be
absolutely confident that we could really move our management capability to where we want it to be.
Many thanks for sharing the presentation with us.”

Head of Talent Learning and Culture – Warbutons.

Comments received from Warburtons on the successful completion of the Management Apprenticeship Programme at their Enfield Bakery.

Completion and Pass Rates:

We have excellent completion and pass rates with more than 20 years’ experience of delivering highly successfully Apprenticeships including butchery at intermediate and advanced levels and food manufacturing at both levels (food process worker) and Training courses for food production organisations in East Yorkshire (Hull, Beverley, Bridlington etc), West Yorkshire (Leeds, Halifax, York etc) North East Lincolnshire (including Grimsby, Lincoln, Scunthorpe etc.) and further a field across the country. We work in many different ways to deliver high quality and successful apprenticeship programmes ( including butchery, food and drink processing etc).

Apprenticeship Coach or IQA:

Our role can be as the Assessor, Programme Manager or Internal Quality Assurer (IQA).

Advice is available on the Apprenticeship Levy and End Point Assessment:advise on the use of the apprenticeship levy and are particularly keen to advise on End Point Assessment as this is so important to prepare throughout the apprenticeship not just at the end.

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