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Use of online learning sky-rocketed in the wake of the first COVID lockdowns in spring of 2020 and this has continued ever since. Video-conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom really had their day in the sun as training providers, schools and universities scrambled to provide alternative approaches to learning in person and employers looked for ways to connect with colleagues who were working from home.

Encouraged to adapt, we learned quickly and appreciated their ease of use, availability and adaptability. On-line learning availability has enabled people either working from home or furloughed and looking to use their time wisely by developing their skills and knowledge to complete some of the courses available. This has resulted in a huge increase in uptake of additional courses, many of which have been developed recently to meet the demand, including Intrinsic Training’s Covid-19 and Covid-19 Secure, as well as mental health and well-being courses.

However, in the past, the credibility in terms of the ‘qualification’ has been a deal-breaker in some instances where having an online qualification from an unaccredited Awarding Organisation has led to the certificate to be ‘not worth the paper it is written on’. As a result, this has led to difficult conversations during audits and inspections in the workplace. Intrinsic Training on-line courses are all endorsed by Highfield Qualifications.

It’s true that on-learning-learning training is more readily available and perhaps more convenient but in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, this type of learning may not be the best way to go when the world is back to normal. Face-to-face training has strong roots embedded into the learning process for many employers because of its clear advantages.

Engagement and Focus

On-line learning is essentially watching a video stream playback and reading texts and presentations. Many distractions can affect the learning process unless self-discipline and focus is strong to ensure the learner is not distracted and is paying full attention at all times. Some people using online learning may end up subconsciously ‘multi-tasking’ whilst doing the course, which affects the knowledge gained from the online course.
When attending face-to-training, usually in a classroom, many tutors use interactive activities such as group work to keep everyone involved and engaged as the activities, which retains attention and involvement, encouraging better learning and knowledge retention.


An important factor we forget about when completing online learning is the importance of human interaction during the learning process. A lot of memorable things can come by being in a room with other people wanting to learn, such as discussions and debates on the subject topics, which results in learning from other people and discussing different ways things are done. It is easier to interact with new people working in a similar job role when you have a common ground.


Every learner is different; some are very independent in the sense that if they have a problem, they will eventually solve it themselves. However, there are a lot of learners who need to be shown or have something further explained because they do not understand it. Learning in person enables the tutor to provide one-to-one support more easily than with online learning.

Adaptability – keyword “bespoke or customised training courses”

Intrinsic Training offer bespoke or customised training, which is a great opportunity as it allows employers to release learners to learn specifically what they need to learn, which is a much more efficient approach. Courses that operate face-to-face have the option to be adapted to the employer’s and the learner’s needs if required.

If something goes wrong while on-line, whether it be something as simple as not knowing the meaning of the word, phrase or just simply not understanding the concept of something. This can lead to the distractions starting. If a question arises on a face-to-face course, the tutor can be asked to explain it again, so the subject is understood.

Fully Accredited Online Learning

Having said all of the above, online learning continues to develop and improve, and offers genuine benefits to employees who need to develop their knowledge. Online training has become increasingly demanded by both employers and individual learners having become a common substitute to classroom-based learning, with the backing of reputable Awarding Organisations to ensure high standards and consistency.

To meet this demand, Intrinsic Training has now partnered with Highfield Qualifications to make a full range of on-line courses. which are amazingly easy to access These on-line courses include the extremely popular Level 2 Food safety in Manufacturing.

Discounts are available for the purchase of large number of courses. At the moment for a limited time we have a special offer of three courses bundled together available at a discount; Food Safety Level 2 and Health and Safety Level 2 and Allergens Control. When purchasing this bundle it, triggers a further discount automatically to Food Safety Level 3.

On-line learning, has been proven to have several benefits, like increasing flexibility and accessibility. Our on-line courses have a high-quality video and increased level of interactive activities. See examples of the courses on our website or contact us for a free demonstration.